Melissa Sayer featured in the 2018 Annual Report for Women’s Economic Ventures

What inspires you to support WEV’s mission?

It’s important to me that WEV empowers women to be successful business people in a supportive and instructive environment.

Why did you choose to get involved with WEV’s League of Extraordinary Women?

I wanted to provide both mentoring and financial support for other women to pursue their dreams.  Women, especially those starting their own businesses, face many challenges, and often face them alone.  Having women to help you navigate the challenges of starting and owning a business is invaluable and making connections is an important part of growing and sustaining your business.  There are not enough role models, mentors, and champions for women. WEV has always done a great job of addressing that need, and I saw the League of Extraordinary Women as a way to take things even further.

What was your favorite WEV moment in 2018?

I really enjoyed the Empowerment is Priceless Breakfast in October. It was a great opportunity to meet others involved with WEV, learn more about some of the WEV participants and strategize on ways to further assist women business owners.






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