As a lawyer who spent several formative years at the beginning of my career in Silicon Valley, I have always been eager to use technology to make my job easier and more efficient. When I founded Matilija Law, making the best possible use of available software and hardware was a priority, and after nearly a year, I am happy to say that decision has been good for both my firm and my clients.

20170922_125213But I found myself missing one piece of office technology that I didn’t expect: a typewriter. Typewriters has already been pushed to the sidelines by the time I began my practice, but there was always one ticked away anywhere I have ever worked. Certain jobs, especially completing government forms, we’re designed for a typewriter years ago and the typewriter remains the right took for the job today.

So now the dual monitor displays, high speed scanner, laser printers, and VOIP phone system have a new teammate: a 1960’s vintage manual typewriter. The cool Mid-century design and cheerful yellow hue (matching my Matilija poppy corporate colors) makes a great addition to my workspace.

I’m almost looking forward to filling out a form.

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